Donald Trump acted like 'a drunk tourist' on Europe trip that led Angela Merkel to proclaim end of US alliance


Crying non-sop because your candidate lost the election too.




LOL there’s no comparison

The media outcry alone is hilarious


I think a lot of righties miss this but I don’t think people are crying because Hillary lost. I think they are upset because Trump’s a goddamn shit show and a charlatan. Damn near ANYONE would be a better choice for president than he is.


I think there’s a little more meaning to the idea of comparing a sane person to the sick fuck running your country than there is in comparing the looks of presidents’ wives.


How many years did Trump dedicate to the Birther bullshit?


I think his presidency has been pretty solid so far

He committed some gaffes, but so far, the numbers are good.


Trump and his entire administration are basically compromised by the Russians and a threat to national security, even a military coup wouldn’t be surprising at this point.


What numbers? His 30% approval rating? :smile:


Put down the damn crack pipe. dude.


When it comes to the men themselves (they are the ones who matter, after all) who would you rather fuck – Trump or Macron?

I’ll check back for your answer, @rancidmilko.


That depends on where you ask.


I could say the same on many of your comments


I choose Bob the Dog Poet 2020


Hey, rancid?


LOL I don’t fuck men Lotus

But yeah, I think Macron, being 20-something years younger, should look better

Why the hell he didn’t find himself a decent looking young woman beats me

I mean, it really doesn’t. He married her to help him with his “politics”


I believe he’s been married for a long time. Maybe he actually loves his wife and didn’t marry her for the same reasons Donald married Melania. God, are you really that shallow? Have you noticed what an amazing First Lady Melania is turning out to be? A great example to everyone! Good thing she’s supposedly attractive while she’s performing her many duties, eh?

Anywho, if you put me in a room with Tinyhands and Macron and gave me one second to choose which one to fuck, I would have chosen Macron with 9/10 of a second left on the clock.


Macron married someone from his school days, not a politician.


Additionally, if you put me in a room with Melania and Madame Macron and told me I had one second to decide which one to fuck, I would choose Madame Macron with 9/10 of a second left on the clock.


Pics or yer a lier