Donald Trump is an old fat woman


Donna Trump is a transman, born a female but raised as a boy, juiced up on testosterone her entire life, which seems to be a common thing among the rich and powerful. A lot of the girls get raised as boys and the boys get raised as girls. Go check out most of these celebrities and their families… Trump’s last stop was Hollywood which is full of trans people.

When you get him out of his padded suit, he has the body proportions of an old fat woman…

He has the facial features of an old fat woman…

Unless Trump is somehow defying all the norms of male and female human anatomy, that’s an old fat woman. :smile:

I realize there are masculine women and feminine men, and the power of testosterone and estrogen or lack of, but that doesn’t change underlying skeletal structure like the difference in curvature of a male and female spine and body proportions…

Look at him… … :stuck_out_tongue:


Donna Trump…



How did she get Ivana Trump pregnant? Though I agree he’s not a masculine man.


Maybe Ivan got Donna pregnant :stuck_out_tongue:


and I know there’s feminine men, he’s beyond a feminine man, he totally has a woman’s skeletal structure, you can’t change that. That’s an old fat woman, Trumpsters voted for a tranny man. :slight_smile:


Trans man… Donna Trump… plain as day… :stuck_out_tongue:


There’s a lot of variations in genders but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a man with a female back. Look at his dainty little feet too… :stuck_out_tongue: