Donnie Tinyhands refuses to shake hands with the Chancellor of Germany




oh I care about America. too bad the last administration didn’t. but now we’re back on track.


That’s Nice.


You don’t give half a fuck about American workers. Too bad you’re too myopic to realize that allowing all Americans to share the pie is what made America great. It will never be great again as long as the Trumps of the world steal from the workers to give to the rich.


yes, the democrats did so well bringing jobs to america


Wasn’t that Trump’s key campaign promise? Isn’t that why so many working Americans voted for him?

Why bring the Dems into this? I voted for Stein.


and he’ll do it. he is cutting out the red tape and paving the way. the markets are up on speculation of what is to come. shackles are being taken off of small businesses. he is taking all the right steps.


That’s utter bullshit. A rise in markets does not equal a rise in decent-paying jobs. Get a goddamn brain, Jeff.


The Market went up YUUUUGELY over 10,000 pts under Obama, you remained silent, Trump somehow gets in, and the market runs up a tad bit more as soon as Trump is in and you hail him as the the Messiah, Seriously? GTFO.


Thread to JeffHansen


So greedy corporations making products outside the US for peanuts is Obama’s fault?




No, Hitler fucked up Germany. Merkel is Chancellor.

It’s a noob mistake.


Lol! That is so good!


and more and more people were out of work. the rich got richer, the average man lost jobs


hitler restored pride to Germany. he went a little overboard at the end. merkel took a country that was doing great and created problems for it.


Would you care to enumerate these problems that Merkel has caused?


Jesus H. Christ. You need therapy.


I think he might mean the refugee/immigration issue.


Oh yeah, all those hundreds of thousands of Mothers and Fathers getting raped to death by ISIS everyday.