Don't really understand why a mod would lock an active thread


SMH in dismay.

Or why said mod would change a thread title in a thread like this one to make the thread-maker’s op seem to have a completely different meaning. That’s an abuse of authority, imo.


Just between you an me, Lotus - It’s when he is hopelessly. …



Being a forum mod sucks massive amounts of untamed cawk. Thankless AF.

Just sayin’…






There was no earthly reason to lock that thread. None whatsoever.


I can’t really comment on the thread one way or another but I know being a mod isn’t a walk in the park.


I imagine it would be easier on any mod to not take completely unnecessary action.


You try to balance, especially when there’s an ongoing fracas that you don’t want to lose any posters to but someone always thinks your an asshole for it.


There was no fracas. Holly was bloviating about sports.


I thought it was weaving in and out. Maybe I’m thinking of a different thread.


It was, but not in a way that was one bit different than thousands of others threads that were never locked.


Spoon will have to answer that. I just wanted to add how much it sucks being a mod.


I don’t have to answer to anyone but Billdo since it’s his forum. Locking a thread is sometimes my response to people who want to get into title editing wars with me, or with each other. And I feel little hesitation when the same poster has jacked and re-jacked it over the space of a few hours.

I’ll try to make a dedicated thread later and offer my thoughts about how to mod this forum smoothly and unobtrusively, and of course other voices will be welcome.


I wish they’d make it so users can’t edit titles other than their own.


I am with L_B - why do it ever??

ya don’t like the thread just stay away from it - let them go on and on - who cares






Fucken hell!


That’s weird, because I never knew you could edit the title until YOU changed the title of one of MY threads, and you informed me it was possible for me to change it, too, then you and I had a brief title editing war.

I guess what’s good for the goose is not good for the gander.