Don't really understand why a mod would lock an active thread


Well, I guess you’ll be giving yourself some pointers, then, because I have yet to see that smooth, unobtrusive moderation.

You have ALWAYS had a penchant for fucking with my threads, so, even though it wasn’t my thread you locked, it still struck a nerve. There was NO NEED.


Don’t give yourself airs, dear. If you think back, I think the vast majority of your “fucked-with” threads are now in the Trolling section and feature various chapters in the Lotus/Oak Wars.


Sorry. You’ve split my threads a lot, and you’ve done it a number of times since Oak was dispossessed.


Without so much as a single example or link, I’m sure you’ll understand my blowing you off.


Yeah. I am not invested enough in this to take the time to search. That doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.

I should know from now on to bookmark it when you pull your shit.

Will this be #3?

already posted


Pity reply


Fucking complicates the housekeeping, but whatever.


do wut nao


Why, may I ask, did you necro this?


I made a post about the 3 year shooting her mother
Then, I saw you beat me to it
So I changed it to already posted
I have no idea how it got here
I just made a post and then tried to get rid of it as you already posted it
I did not necro this
I is innocent


@LotusBud, this is not about you. I ordinarily would have deleted Six’s post which he voided and emptied, but during the hour it was there someone affixed a pity reply to it. I could still have trashed the thread, but I am disinclined to delete posts and prefer to move them. Since I have no “trash can” repository available, I normally merge such posts into an existing thread in the Trolling section. In this instance, it happened to be this thread.

That this moderating action had the effect of bumping the thread is regrettable, but life is full of little annoyances.


Hey guys, I just got in here, what’s this thread about?


Lotus_Bud’s sensibilities, mostly.

That, and she’s understudying moderation on a letterpress board.


yeah that sucks