Dow Futures Down 770 Points


Businesses and Pensions under water.


Thanks Obama!


Wonder what Six is thinking.


Even TSLA is down a bit.


Dow AT PRESENT down almost a thou.


One wouldn’t think Weinstein’s conviction would have this big of an effect on the Market.


I think it may be because the Sharks traded Marleau to the Penguins.


He’s probably too embarrassed to post over here.:grin:


God damnit, China.


Dropped another 1190 today


A new record for Trump to brag on!


I blame Obama.


Futs down 500 at yer open.



“Yes, me worry!”


Down a thousand.

I wonder if our resident shorts trader is making a killing as he rides this one down.


If this lasts another week at this pace, the Dow will be back where Obama left it.

I think we better reopen the investigation into Hunter Biden’s access to Hillary’s Ben Ghazi server!




Gained today bigger than Friday’s record loss. Hmmmm…


I’m not very knowledgeable about such things, but could today’s surge be a reaction to Biden’s win in SC?

Wall Street is very comfortable with NeoLib Joe, but not so much with the proggies.


Could be that, and could be some “bargain hunting” But it does seem that over the last few years, we are seeing more whipsaw market days like today and friday than we used too, not sure why, possibly the amount of AI that is making most of the trading decisions.