Downside of apartment living


getting high-centered because they didn’t
plow the parking area, and not being able
to get to work.

The property management office doesn’t
open until 9 am.

Now if I owned a house, I would expect to
have to clear snow, but then I would have
been hitting it periodically before it got so deep.

As it is, I’m not likely to be able to get to
work until tomorrow. But at least 1 furball
doesn’t mind. She’s curled up sleeping
next to me.


My outside feral was 15 hours late for breakfast the other day

once in while she does this


I could never stand the stress.

Mine are never allowed outside.
People around here have done
horrible things to cats.


My indoor domestic wants food all day.:rofl:


She will not come in - she’s wild as the West Texas wind

  • was a TNR - her ear is clipped - been here 6 years

I had two out for 16 or 17 years - they never went far - died of natural causes

In the woods mostly


Better when they’re inside cats. Ours has made us his bitches…meow’s until you let him out or in, all hours of the day and night.

I think this is payback for when my mom would yell at us to stay out or in…“Make up your minds…”

Something about the flies getting in every time we went in or out…with 4 kids, it can get crazy


My Lil bish has me under her spell.


Was in YTC painting rocks the last couple days.

The doggo missed me, and she’s pissed I had to work today.


There are horrible people on this planet.


At least you don’t live in a place with 22 doors, and he makes you check each one, every time, for the Door into Summer.


That would be one dead kitty!