Draining the swamp, part XXVII




Gotta love those CONs. They’re just blatant about their disregard for the citizenry.




like there are currently any ethics in washngton


Ikr? Why have rules and laws, cuz ya just no someone will break them!


that’s nice, they aren’t doing away with any of the laws or regulations.




So it’s getting rid of one ethics body so that the existing body deals with things.

Is the issue that they’re removing a seemingly redundant body or that ethical issues are no longer being reviewed independently?


No longer reviewed independently nor transparently.


Well, they backed off of it.



Is that all Teapublicans ever do is flip flop back and forth?


Well, in their defense, if Trump can be President, then ethics are not all that necessary any more.


Ethics should be independent. Get rid of the non-independent one.


So you follow meathead’s tweets, do you?

What a puss.


yer mom


stop your whining, trump will come out in opposition to this anyway. count yourselves lucky to have a president like him


LMAO. Yer gut hooked.



well what do you know, he did