Duh errr....Climate change is a hoaks!


Good God, you’re a fucking bore with that “War On Christmas” style troll.


Lmao. Truth hurts don’t it?


The truth that you are dumber than a bag of rocks? It only hurts because you constantly bray about how smart you are. That does give me a bit of a headache.


We.both know I’m not dumb. Not even close


You ARE dumb. You are the worst kind of dumb. You have a bit of education and you think that makes you intelligent, when in reality you have the most flawed logic of almost anyone I’ve ever known.


THAT is the most ironic post I’ve ever read, bar none.


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Of you?

OK, Oak. If it makes you feel better about yourself to believe that.




You went nutty over a fairly meaningless comment Duke made, Princess Butthurt.



What’s the big deal?

Dolphins are delicious, and furthermore most of them are also rapists according to some videos I have seen recently.

Furthermore dolphins are much healthier food than seals, which contain a lot of fat. Now fewer polar bears will get the 'beetus and the heart attacks and they will live longer and healthier lives.


Dolphins are democrats?

They’ll just deny it.

"I did not have sexual relations with that dolphin."


Dolphins are the worst fish in the lake next to see otters. They have that permanent smile that gives off a real creepy vibe. They also kill other marine animals just for fun, commit infanticide and gang rape.


Dolphins are the negroes of the sea.


Water-god is kicking ass and taking names. You morans are up soon.

BTW, people who think there cannot be ice and global warming at the same time: stupid fucks.


All hail Water God.


Wait, I thought you guys ditched Global Warming in favor of Climate Change after it was proved that there is no Global Warming. Are we going back to Global Warming again? It’s hard to keep up with the flurry of prog hoaxes.


Norwegian scientists have seen polar bears eating dolphins in the Arctic for the first time ever and blame global warming for the bears expanding their diet.

Polar bears feed mainly on seals but Jon Aars at the Norwegian Polar Institute has photographed dolphins being devoured by a bear and published his findings in the latest edition of Polar Research this month.

“It is likely that new species are appearing in the diet of polar bears due to climate change because new species are finding their way north,” he told AFP.

The first incident he documented was in April 2014 when his team came across a polar feeding on the carcasses of two white-beaked dolphins.

Although dolphins are regularly seen in the Norwegian Arctic in the summer months when the ice has melted, they have never been observed during winter or spring when the sea is usually still covered in sheets of ice.

But Norwegian scientists have reported a strong retreat of ice and two nearly ice-free winters in recent years which they said could have attracted the dolphins further north, where they probably became trapped by the sudden arrival of dense ice blown into a fjord by strong northerly winds.

Aars said the bear he photographed had probably caught the two dolphins when they surfaced to breathe through a tiny hole in the ice.

“Even if they saw the bear, the dolphins did not necessarily have any other choice,” he said.



Proof that Global Warming is not a problem. Nature has a way of coping.


Wow. You honestly don’t know that scientists can tell what an animal’s diet was by checking out fossil remains? Otherwise, how would that stupid paleo diet be a thing?


Wow. Once again, Chief applies the logic of a 6-year old.