Duh errr....Climate change is a hoaks!


I will believe you when you prove it.


Do you want me to also prove global warming to you? How about evolution? Gravity?

See, it’s not my job to explain to you how science works. If you have issues with my posts, tough shit.


Of course. And as we can see Polar Bears are opportunists who will eat pretty much anything they can catch if they so choose.

It’s my guess that Polar Bears will be around long after all the climate scientists are gone.


Too bad you don’t apply that same right to everyone else.

You think YOU get to harass everyone that you don’t agree with, but you chicken shit out when you’re called out.



One can only hope.


Or if they fucking HAVE to. What is wrong with you?


Try to stay focused: Polar Bears and Dolphins.


Doesn’t understand the concept of endangered species, either.

No, I am not going to prove it to you.


HAVE to? Are you claiming that the Polar Bear population would heve starved to death if those 2 dolphins hadn’t gotten eaten?


She doesn’t even understand that these claims aren’t about pb having to do anything…

The claim is that the dolphins are in waters that they don’t normally swim in because of “global warming”. Therefore, they are at risk of being eaten by pb.

And she will go to her grave saying that I’m stupid…



Because you can’t. Next time think before posting your stupid, made-up, pseudoscientific, commie drivel and remember there are people at this site who aren’t members of your prog/marxist circle jerk and will not give you a pass on whatever ridiculous babble you decide to post.



It’s ISSUISM…she’s no leftist…please stop.


Well it’s good to know that you’re keep track of me like that, I guess I should be flattered, or something.


Hey, if you aren’t self aware…

I’m aware of my own posting behavior, good/bad or neutral.


She’s far left of mainstream America.


She jumps on bandwagons. She’s an ISSUIST

She’s also a blithering idiot.


LMAO@ your bullshit. If you’re aware of it, then you sure lie about it a lot.


How about LOTUS BUD focusing on LOTUS BUD?

You’re always harassing everyone else…wtf, princess?

You were in a minor snit because someone made an Otter thread for me…I think it was Apey being kind to me.

Boy, that set your hemorrhoids off!


Topic: Polar Bears and Dolphins.


Yeah. Go back and read my post. I was “just sayin’.” Not because Ape was being nice. That’s fine. But because you like to claim things as “yours.” As if everyone on earth doesn’t think otters are cute, and no one knew about them before you. It wasn’t about Ape being nice, and I didn’t give him shit. Calm yourself. Seriously.

Furthermore, every single time I start a thread about Pits, you shit all over it. You won’t allow me to enjoy anything. You dump all over everything I say, ever. And any time one of your favorites is nice to me for even an instant, you fucking melt. I am sick to death of your venom, your hysteria, and your jealousy. You hate women.