Duke and WK need to get the fuck back here again


Enough already, you’re missed.


I second that.


Bd6 lost his stray cat a few weeks before he stopped visiting. Also, his wife may have been having health problems.???


They’re both sill on the internets… I guess they don’t like us… whateva…


Dukie brought me to a 'beetus forum back last fall, and he’s still pretty active there. He doesn’t reply anymore to my DMs on that site tho. I think he’s washed his hands of us which sucks.


I guess so.

That’s too bad. I hope it wasn’t something I said. :smiley:


I think it was mainly he couldn’t handle Boro.


Yea, Six still plays chess and will even play w8th me, but won’t reply to my DMs either. What if each of us just recruited one n00b?


For a while even as they’d occasionally were pissing on each others shoes public, Duke and Boro had something of a behind the scenes relationship/friendship, BD6 Never had kids(I hope I may not be way overstepping the sacred bonds of the PM here,) to my recollection. and when this place went down several months ago, 6 and I were both at SG and he had pm’d me there a couple times worrying that maybe Billdo had kilt CBT, and how he was hoping for it to comeback…it came back as we all know…he has not. I haven’t looked recently but he was popping in here, from time to time…and lurking around and reading I guess.

@Bigdukesix, No one hear cares that you promised that goat that you would leave your wife!


I’ve been thinking the most horrible things. I hope everything with BD6 and his wife is well.


He’s threatening to rage quit at Chess.com this week. He’s all pissed off over some new feature of the site that they want him to pay for. Sounds like the Six we all know.


I guess this means he’s coming back…:rofl:

Judge in Deutschebank/Epstein case: son killed, husband wounded, assailant "commits suicide" soon after

According to his posts at the 'beetus forum, he hasn’t indicated any pressing problems. But it has been about 3 weeks since he’s posted.


BigDooshSucks, that ol’ stinking pile-o-poop - I hope he gets skulled by a meteorite.

PS: Lotus called - she concurs.


Get back under your rock.


Sorry - Misspelled BigDoosh’s name:

it’s BigDooshSux.

Still mad, lil Mosqueeta?