Eat a bag of dicks, Breitbart



I am the poster formerly known as Apeman, and I approve of Sleeping Giants. Rec +

That is all.


You’ll always be Apey to me, pal.


aaah, thanks paisano!


Ah, yes. I reported on this some time ago. Glad to see they’re still at work.

Just fyi


Thanks for setting me straight, Lotus, and excuse me for coming along two and a half months later.

I must have missed your post at the time, or thought from the topic title it was about something other than Breitbart’s ad revenue or Sleeping Giants…

The article at your link is probably punchier than the Trib article I linked, but OTOH the Trib probably reaches more CON readers.


My post was purely an fyi, since your post reminded me of my earlier one. Not an attempt to set you straight. Chill.