Elderberry wine, basketball and breakfast


What did you have for breakfast today, Lotus?

Oh what a tangled web the USA weaves
Oh what a tangled web the USA weaves

Two tangerines and a hard boiled egg.

I wonder what the war mongers had for breakfast today.


Was they range fed 6 buck a dozen eggs?`

How do yu do yer HB eggs?


I just bought a dozen organic range eggs. Breakfast tomorrow and Sunday. No citrus with my protein though. That’s just weird - what we like to call bad food combining.


I go about a dozen minutes in boiling waters.

PS: Xavier giving Providence the beat down early - 28-12 now. Playing like a 1 seed.


Friars game - back strong down 6
…no - 4, with 8 to play. Playin for an NCAA ticket.

Got Maude from a friend - anyone seen that Sally Hawkins movie? She’s such a cute gal. I’m happy for her she’s havin her day.
Friars back even at 3:33. Whoa!
…under 2 still even.

66 alls…1:00 to go


There’s a sucker born every minute.

P. T. Barnum


No - them eggs was razed on organic grass. Really.


WHOA! OT - 68 alls!

Prov takin it away, yo.
…sevny3-sebny at 49.4.

40.8 - 73-72. TO Friars.
Privince closin out. WOOOOOOH!
Friars punch ticket.




Depending on your definition - way ahead-a-yeh, sport.


Who’s “we”?


People in the know. :wink:


Not one comment about the op in here. Spoon? Where’s yer thread-splitting axe?


People want to speak of relevant things, Lotus.
…maybe your thread belongs on the ‘beyond the ken’ board.


I know. Your “seat cushion” is way more relevant than the PTSD suffered by veterans who have been used and abused by the war profiteers in a country that is powered by the war machine.


You should make a thread about that, Lotus.

Cats up 23 now. Bridges smokin it…

…make that 26.


Are you trying to egg me on?


Some things we are in control of, have influence over. Some not.

Relevance, Lotus.

Cats ease into Big East Championship Game - 19 over Butler.


Most people are like you, which is why the world is a shit hole. And I mean that in the nicest way possible.


I don’t think so, Lotus.

…for I’m a Muswell Hillbilly boy.