Elderberry wine, basketball and breakfast


Whatever you see yourself as, you are just another person who only cares about what happens that impacts him or her, and would never go out of his or her way to try to change the world.


Oh my dear. The world IS yours to change, but you’ll never change it in your materialistic ways.


LMAO. Okay, Mahatma.




NEW YORK (AP) — Mikal Bridges had 18 points and second-ranked Villanova scored the first 19 points and cruised toward its fourth straight trip in the Big East Tournament championship game in an 87-68 win over Butler on Friday night. About 30 minutes after top-seeded Xavier was upset by Providence


Sorry, haven’t been around this evening.


She needed rescuing,
… and you weren’t there…

Is that adoration, Spoon?


She didn’t “need” anything.


Spoon to the rescue.

Where’d the good parts of the former thread go?

… here


Evidently she did. She asked and she received. Not in the way you’d like best though.