Europe: A Living Suicide


I’m waiting for those to come out at Harbor Freight.



If they are truly just escaping violence they should accept a no-breeding policy. They could live out their days in relative safety then disappear into the mists of history.


Ausgezeignet, splendid idea Herr Eichmann!


Well then, if not, the real intention is made clear.


Everyone on the planet needs to accept a no-breeding policy. lol


Africa should start…we’ll see how it goes…


These countries need fresh blood to tax to prop up their pyramid schemes, same with the US. Who’s going to take care of the boomers? Not me… :stuck_out_tongue:

They let em in and it’s land of the free for awhile and make it seem like getting citizenship is where you wanna be, but little do they know they’re going to be taxed out the ass and burdened by it… then they’re trapped in the game, locked in…


ummmm, and where does that end? When we have 1.5 billion pop, green air and pink water?