Every day I wake up and THANK GOD this woman is not teh POTUS



Fuck, I would also - trust no one

that’s normal

I guess yer guy don’t do that



You can bet she’d be reading yer mail too if she had the big chair. TRUMP doesn’t even know how to use the internets.


And you think Tinyhands did not (and does not still) have someone spying on his staff? The paranoid megalomaniac? LMAO!


Every day I wake up and thank God Hill the Shill is not president, and curse God mightily that Trump is.

Those two were the best this country could offer? Sad, and sick!


he doesnt really listen to anyone so…no.


For christ’s sake, his press secretary rounded up everyone’s cellphones, even their private ones, a few days ago, in a search for “leaks”.

THAT. is paranoia.


How does that preclude his wanting to know what everyone on his staff is doing? He is a paranoid megalomaniac, so, yeah, he needs to know.


But he forgets just as fast.


Oh. Well, that makes it OK, then.


Here’s the relevant excerpt from “Shattered ,”a tell-all on her 2016 bid from Jonathan Allen and Amie Parnes:
“After the 2008 campaign, two of her aides, Kris Balderston and Adrienne Elrod, had toiled to assign loyalty scores to members of Congress, ranging from one for the most loyal to seven for those who had committed the most egregious acts of treachery. Bill Clinton had campaigned against some of the sevens in subsequent primary elections, helping to knock them out of office. The fear of retribution was not lost on the remaining sevens, some of whom rushed to endorse Hillary early in the 2016 cycle.”
Clinton was especially paranoid after losing the 2008 election to former President Barack Obama, Allen and Parnes say in the book, believing that leaks on negative information and disloyal Democrats had led her to lose the presidency in 2008. “Over the course of the summer, the confidence of party insiders had been replaced by a degree of paranoia that nearly matched Hillary’s own outsize phobia,” they wrote. “She was convinced that leaks of information had helped doom her 2008 campaign.”


You should follow Rogue Potus Staff on twitter to see how utterly depised Trump is by the people working for him.


Not the topic of this thread, but thanks.


It’s plainly related to the topic of this thread, because you are thankful that this tool IS president, apparently. And, he clearly did the same thing you so self-righteously claim, in your op, that Hillary did.

It’s a little disturbing.