Everybody talks about the weather, but nobody does anything about it!


We’ve been having record setting warm weather out here in the West and you poor bastard out east are having record cold and record snows.

I was just wondering, is there a word or phrase to describe that?


Stay indoors.


nah, it’s been really nice here, of course we’ll probably all die in a wild fire this summer to to drought conditions, but it’s a nice early spring


Bill Nye says stop calling it global warming because the deniers will always use these rough winters as ammunition. The proper term is climate change.




…if history is a guide, it is safe to say that weak solar activity for a prolonged period of time can have a negative impact on global temperatures in the troposphere which is the bottom-most layer of Earth’s atmosphere - and where we all live. There have been two notable historical periods with decades-long episodes of low solar activity. The first period is known as the “Maunder Minimum”, named after the solar astronomer Edward Maunder, and it lasted from around 1645 to 1715. The second one is referred to as the “Dalton Minimum”, named for the English meteorologist John Dalton, and it lasted from about 1790 to 1830. Both of these historical periods coincided with below-normal global temperatures in an era now referred to by many as the “Little Ice Age”. In addition, research studies in just the past couple of decades have…

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It was -14 degrees this morning.




“It’s hot in Boise today” “How hot is it?”


It’s snowing at Timberline! Film at 11:00





The moar yuo know.


There’s at least 4 inches of the fucking white shit
behind my building, and it’s STILL falling.

I hate having to drive in it. Too many idiots drive
like 4-wheele drive means four wheel stop. It

I had to do my grocery shopping after work,
and it was a mess on the roads. I just managed
to get what I needed, and get home without getting
killed on the crappy roads.

The temps are expected to drop to single digits
so this white shit will be hanging around for awhile.

I think 22 years of this shit is enough. I should
keep an eye out for an opportunity to move to
a slightly warmer clime.


The good news is there is plenty more heading your way.


If you can’t take winter you don’t deserve summer

I had a T-shirt sed that -


I ain’t a fan of summer.

Spring and Fall are the best.