Everyone talks about the weather, but nobody ever does anything about it


What is a Californian’s favorite part about winter?

Watching news stories about bad weather.


I like watching mudslides and fires


Howard dies and goes to his judgement. He sees that some are sent up to heaven, and others are grabbed by Satan and thrown into a fiery pit. To his surprise, he sees that Satan occasionally picks up a soul and sets it aside. Curious, Howard asks Satan, “Excuse me, why do you set these aside instead of tossing it into hell?” Satan answers, “These are from Oregon or Washington, they’re too wet to burn.”


That’s evil.


No, theR was EVIL


Bad weather isn’t evil, fires and mudslides are dead.




Nevermind, no big deal.


Snow and ice have killed tons more then mudslides and fire


It’s not nice to fuck with mother nature



Okay. They should probably sleep inside to avoid dying from hypothermia.


Like sleeping pays the bills -


How many people do you estimate die from cold in the US? I’m not disputing your assertion, I’m actually curious.

I realize this is probably true for homeless people, but a lot of them migrate to warmer climes.


This is old, but more then I thot

923 a year from winter weather

lots more articles

I gotta sleep - I am really tired


We never had no global warming before Al Gore invented it.


Goodnight, sleep well.






This guy is doing something about it