Fat ass Chris Christie lounges with family on beach at park he shut down




go home peasants, this beach is only big enough for one of us…


LMFAO, oh man, what a huge pile of shit he is… and this pig human has the gall to attack pot smokers. :stuck_out_tongue:


Camel Toe LMFAO


What an embarrassment… looks like a comedy movie… lmfao


Front Butt…


I am sure he took the Bell Jet Ranger to the beach on the states dime like he did to his kids fucking ball game

He ended paying for that one cause folks got so pissed



Are they sure it was Christie, and not a beached orca?


I thought that he had a stomach operation?


The state of the current political system is a disaster. Hillary, Trump, Sanders…it’s a toss up.


As a matter of fact, he did take the (state) copter to a press conference.

Confronted by the press with the beach hypocrisy, Christie denied it, said he had gotten no sun.

Presented with the Beached Whale photos, proving him a liar, His Largeness declared "I didn’t get any sun. I had a hat on. "

I’m not making this up.


It appears to be operating all of the time.


He - ya can’t keep fucking eating unless he is one of those wot hardly eats and gains anywho - but I doubt it

This is the MF who knows when a Robin falls out a tree in the Pinelands yet has no idea about the biggest traffic jam in history


If I say it’s safe to sunbathe this beach Captain, it’s safe to sunbathe this beach!


The new Chris Christie Weeble Wobble…


Let them eat cake (after I get my six slices!)!!!


He thinks he looks good cause he lost about 75 pounds.


Remaining open under the shutdown are New Jersey Transit, state prisons, the state police, state hospitals and treatment centers as well as casinos, race tracks and the lottery.

You can close down the beaches, but not the casinos!



who would want to go to a beach in new jersey?