Fat ass Chris Christie lounges with family on beach at park he shut down


I was fucking wondering that myself

spend fucking 3 hours in traffic - pay a toll every 50 feet and then pay 40 bucks an hour to park to walk to a jammed shit beach


all muslims, jews and negroes anyway.



When Christie sits around the beach, he sits around the beach.





Christie told reporters on Sunday he didn’t “get any sun” over the weekend, but changed his story after NJ Advance Media published photos of Christie and his wife lounging on a beach that’s currently closed to taxpayers. His spokesman later clarified the governor was on the beach, but didn’t get any sun because “he had a baseball hat on.”


See, I don’t even get that. If your going to the beach isn’t a big part of the experience all of the other wackadoos you see there?

Asbury, Joe - right next to Ocean Grove, right nest to Bradley Beach. It’s the awesomeist.


When I lived over on the Coast, I’d walk my old doggo almost everyday on this beach near the house, very often I’d be the only person on the beach, that was always kind of nice.


It’s doubtful, you were alone though, you knoe,…'cause,
… the aliens.


Well, duh.


Even when you’re a corporate pig who has been feeding at the Trough Of Entitlement (TOE – that would be Pig TOE) for years, you should at least understand that taking your family to a beach you shut down is going to look very bad, even if you don’t get the ethical problem involved…


optics, guvner, optics.


Yet some folks can take mind blowing pics with the worst phone on the market


Who cares about wackadooes when you can watch wall to wall jailbaits?