Final Four Thread - Only for Those Interested. All Others Keep Out


truth is truth - date is irrelevant

you shud know this


Just started reading it, awesome…


Basic basketball - gotta box out on the free throws.


So close, if they’d only made one or two more shots. Dayum.


I guess I’m rooting for the Dawgs Monday.


I’m rooting for yet another good game. Never saw so many close games. Excellent tourney.

Ducks had a great year.


Still not interested.


How 'bout now?


Okay guys - I’m counting on you to carry this home tomorrow night. As you know - I will be working when the game is being played, but I’ll be here in spirit. Give it your best call, guys.


Yeah, the main page - LMAO


This is great. I may send them a letter. Neither the hub nor myself watch sports, yet we are forced to subsidize the sports watchers and pay for the most expensive channels on cable – they refuse to take them off our bill. This kind of socialism should not be tolerated in a capitalistic country like ours.


She’s 12 - and did better then all you last card near window sports tards

I wonder if it’s taken - maybe I will fetch it



The Lebron James Teams, reminded me of channel surfing one day and finding and Oregon Duck BB Game we had Terrel Brandon who went on to have a decengt NBA career, but in this game is was this big athletic black guy sprinting up and down the floor, with 4 little white guys trying to keep up with him.



What is this thread about?


It’s about a girl who made a now-perfect bracket.


What’s a bwacket, Wabbit?



Nice summary, guys - Nice…no really.

Let’s just say that the winners toyed with the pretenders then delivered the Joe Lewis punch. Could easily have coasted to a 12 to 15 point victory, but made it good for TV.