First 777-9 leaves the building


This is the first of two “static planes” which is a basic build up of a plane containing all integral (and changed) parts. Obviously missing quite a bit… it was designed that way. These planes will never fly or never be filled with fluid, etc.

I would’ve seen it leave if I was at work.


The wonders of paper mache


Aluminum, steel, and titanium but who cares :man_shrugging:


What will be the max gross takeoff weight of the real one?


No idea. Couldn’t tell ya.

I doubt Boeing even knows. Speculated, sure.

That being said, planes can vary in instances of thousands of pounds. More sealant here, little rework there, etc etc.


Boeing would be history if the cia did not steal all the airbus stuff and give it to them


No one cares about your conspiracy theories man :slight_smile:
(They actually got modern wing info from the Nazis)


It really happened - not conspiracy - try to keep up