Flying fortress miracle



I hope the boys got to take a hot shower after that ride.


A guy just outside of Portland flew one of those home, and mounted it above his filling station.

One of those WW2 Plane fanboy groups is now rebuilding Art Lacey’s old plane, i think in hopes of getting it in the air again.


Short runway.


Blond was getting to land her plane and she noticed it was a short runway. She was able to pull it up enough to stop just before the end of it.

Man, she said, that WAS a short runway, but look, it was almost a mile wide!


Holy crap, even his pumps are vintage (although not as old as the B-17.)


Nah that was just back in his early days, at it’s peak “The Bomber” had I think like 6 or maybe even 8 lanes and beucoup pumps and a restaurant/gift shop, I think the Restaurant is still there.