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Game’s about to start. Big East Tournament Championship.


Cats roar out to 9-2 lead.

.but oh noh - 9 straight by Friars to tie at 11.

Cats counter with their own inspired 10 point run. Retake momentum.
Back comes Prov - on a 7-0 spirt.
VU TO with 5:38 in the half.

Tied at 23 - Cats go 5-0 with 2:07 on the clock.
…Punch and counter-punch.

31-27 Cats at the half.

I know you guys will be glued to your tv sets for the final 20 so I’ll leave off here.

Not that you don’t know this but 58 all with 1:10 to play. Cats let them back in from 10 down. HOW!?




60 - 60
…Going to OT

What a game, folks - What a game.

WHOA! Bridges is awesome. 68-64 'Nova - 2:08 in the OT.

Guys - if there are any here. You have to find the move Brunson made to put VU 4 up with under a minute to play - classic.

Big Cat plays at the end, but Friars played a very good game. Credit to them. Great game.

76-66 Cats

Virginia / NC - already a good one at the half. 34-30 'Ginia.

Virginia wins. 71-63



but anyways sophisticated readers, I was reminded of this little ditty from a bygone era…


You’re just jellyous because your Ducks are down.