Fook kaliforniuh


The Navy sorts its garbage into biodegradable and non-biodegradable.

They grind and pulp the former before dumping at sea. Metal and plastics get compressed and returned to port.


They’re not even phallic shaped… nice try :thinking:


Ya mean yours is curved?:grin:


What shape are straws dude? Triangular?!


I have never though of a straw as being phallus.

Pervs these days… more proof that women only want one thing.


What would that be?


Big Black Straws, duh!



Women only want cock…


You don’t know women if you think that’s all women want.


Gotta keep them wimmens in check, too


If you think men can win at that game, you need to grow a few more whiskers, Boro. You got lots to learn.


If you can’t understand a joke, you probably haven’t got some dick lately lmaooo


Yeah, that must be it.


See! It’s all wimmen want.

My girlfriend had the audacity to expect sex because she bought lingerie.



I don’t know what you think we’re having, but it feels like a really dumb conversation that I’m in with you.

I’m out.


I see you admit defeat.


I pretty much know the answer to this, but it is difficult to put into words



It’s like not engaging with Trump. He’s always winning too.