Fook kaliforniuh


What about the semiconductor chip invented by Fairchild in Mt. View, CA?


Who sed I lost focus?

I just choose to ignore him mostly - why bother?


Good question.

That kid has become a full fledged jerk. I cut him off at Starling’s board for months, it was great.


I treat people how they treat me.

Talk to me as if you’re an educated individual who isn’t attacking me and see what it gets you.


That’s the one thing you’ve never understood, and you’ll never begin to understand. Treat people as you want them to treat you… you’d be surprised who starts being nice to you.

Let this be known that I’m not the first, second, or even third person to say this to Oak.


The “bored tr0all” whines…


I’m not whining, I’m giving her a reason…


I don’t give a fuck if she never came back because “I was rude to her”, especially considering I treat her how she treats me.


Not.talking to the snot is not “leaving”. Some can’t read or write.


If you picked up what I was putting down,

Talk to me respectfully and I’ll oblige you with the courtesy of the same.

If you wanna keep the shit talking, I don’t care. You’re the one who seems to get hurt.





You don’t come here to chat, you come to be a shit. Therefore, you’re treated exactly how you asked to be treated.

And NOW, I’m done with you.


So you’re gonna be civil, now?





Because Californian’s are triggered by straw origami?






I think that Boro comes here because he is desperate for your attention.:grin:



I dunno about that. I’m doubtful.


I come here to conversate.

However that conversation may go, I don’t know.





I will bet that plastic straw sales will goo up 200% for the next couple of months.:grin: