For Boro and Lou -- how to wear a romper


Mine isn’t actually a romper either…its not a romper if its cut in half, right???


Out of curiosity, how Gay are you?


Zero percent gay.





Do you enjoy being gay?


Never said I was gay

But lets be real - no guy is zero percent gay

have you never wondered what that nice soft cock head would feel like at the back of your throat Boro? Never?

Or maybe a guy sucking you off

Huh Boro


… man you are gay LOL

I’ve never had those thoughts.


You are one sick little puppy…


So back in your teens or 20s you never thought another guy stroking you, not even when your Priest was cornholing you?


I’m an atheist.

And no. I grew up in a dark age.


I see…


How is that relevant to my new chartreuse romper?


I don’t know, what are your thoughts etc etc blah blah blah?


I prefer not to answer, for fear of being misconstrued.

However, the boys in the front bar think I look pretty.


^^^ Guy who poasts dick pics with a ruler, on a forum with 15 dudes and 3 women :laughing:


My dick was never posted next to a ruler. lol

There were more ladies back then



That sounds deeply repressed to me.:grin:

That’s why you rarely remember your dreams i guess, your conscious mind can’t deal with your hidden desires.



Anyway, Steve Irwin isn’t a real Australian.

And besides…he’s dead.