Free Church platform for livestreaming


All I know is that it’s free…no other info. I heard about it on a Fox News report that the guy was listening to. I can’t vouch for it, but worth looking at maybe…



Thanks. Although I’m on the committee for sound and lighting equipment in the building, there is a different committee working on this, and I think they’ve got things ready to go for this Sunday. They will live stream from the sanctuary but it will only be the pastor, one liturgist and two musicians. This pastor (interim pastor) has a background in theater and he’s met with my committee a few times and consequently I have a lot of faith in his credibility as well as his sense of adventure.

The governor is getting ready to lock things down further, more in line with the CA “shelter in place” so it’s possible that in future weeks the live stream won’t even be done from the sanctuary, and perhaps not even from the building.


I wonder if the pastor can do it from home and people can just click on a link to the livestream.

Just a thought. Good luck.


I think that’s the direction his thoughts are taking him.


So far are Guv is not calling for SIP. leaving some dismayed, but there we are.


Maybe he fears an assassination attempt by Ammon Bundy’s gang if he oversteps his authority.


Hey this is Oregon, we got us a bi-sexual female-person Guv,


Okay, maybe THEY fear an assassination attempt. …


You’re not wrong actually, the rural #timberunity “The only good tree, is a dead tree” crowd wants to evict her. And Business in general isn’t overly fond either, she’s been pushing Cap and Trade and some of the natives are getting restless.