Fuck a weed grinder, whole bud joint


Started rolling them like this instead of grinding it up… joints taste better and seem stonier than grinding it up.


Really, I always use a grinder, opens that bud up all the way


Matter of fact that’s a great idea, grind some and do a bong hit (transitioning from a bowl hits which I’ve used all my life to a bong)


I’ve been grinding it up for joints for forever now… but I’m liking this better for joints. I grind it up for bowls still, burns a lot better. I don’t like bongs, I smoke bowls out of a small glass steam roller. Now if I’m smoking oil I’ll smoke that in my rig with water in it but rig water doesn’t get like bong water does…


Saw this posted on Twitter, a whole whatever this is of kief powder. I know DM used to sing it’s praises


KIef, been smoking this shit lately, gets me high as fuck.


I feel like a luddite, I just pinch off a piece of bud crush/roll it in my fingers and then stick it in my little $4.00 glass pipe and inject away.


so legalizing weed made you a dope addict it sounds like!


As your addiction deepens your methods of delivering your dope will expand, before you know it you’ll be heating your knives up on the stove and smoking weed crack…


You did hack my webcam!