Get a flu shot


it always says as a way to protect yourself from Coronavirus, fucking flu shot doesn’t do shit, and it’s not the flu! They’re just using it to sell flu shots, disgusting… Also then idiots think I’m safe, I had the flu shot… good because this herd could use a good culling.


Where are you hearing that?

The Flu shot isn’t for Covid.


It’s on almost every article in the local Press Democrat…


Yes, but that’s not saying the flu shot helps you with covid.

It means it will help reduce your risk of the flu. That’s why they are different bullet points; different concepts if you will.

Now, if you don’t want to get the flu shot, that’s your decision.


it’s not the flu and a flu shot doesn’t do shit for it, it’s irresponsible for them to lump them together.


It’s not the flu, you’re right. But flu is also happening at the same time

Perhaps they could have worded it better. It’s just that those of us in the field know people are over stimulated with constant messages from all over the place. If they had a separate announcement, one of them would probably be ignored.


Or, they mean that a system already weakened by (flu), is more at risk from covid. So avoid the flu, too.


Good call.


I don’t get the flu shots because I’m immuno compromised and it’s too risky. In this, as in other things, I have to take my chances.

But it does help that I’m able to self-quarantine, more or less.


I think that would have been specified if it were. It’s more like “don’t forget the flu is still out there”.


irresponsible advertising for their shitty flu shots


Whatever Billdo. Go ahead with your anti-science stance.

At least i know everyone here can make their own decisions and you don’t have much of an impact on their actions.