Get out now - I was 50 I would be gone- Americans are voting with their feet — to leave



I stopped by a gun store a couple days ago, just to take a quick look at some guns, mostly prices etc, the gal asked if I needed any help, I told her ‘no, just kind of looking, I haven’t owned a gun in over 20 years, but it just feels like the world is going crazy’ She looked at me semi somberly and told me “We’re getting more and more of that” or words to that affect.

I dunno guys a 22 lr should be enough for in home defense shouldn’t it?


I am positive absolutely without a doubt 22LR wud stop a meth fueled home invader in their tracks and drive them back 10 feet

I prefer 185 grain .357 hollow points but was told they wud just bounce off


Yeah a great big gun with loud booms would be more cooler, but I live in a fairly “dense” housing area and I would prefer to not kill my neighbors when repelling some bad person.

I probably won’t get a gun, but the growing insanity of Merica, does make me think about it.


22’s kill people easily - thru walls whatever


Forget the name, but I read the book about the israelis that were recruited to take out the Palestinians, from the Olympics dealio, the Mossad was very pro small caliber



The 5.56 M4 and M249 SAW is the smallest rifle caliber used by any military in the world… so… :man_shrugging:
You can include common caliber rifles like F2000, FAMAS. It really is a small round.
7.62x39 is shot by the AK47 and other Russian variants, 7.62x51 is a “battle rifle and machine gun” caliber. 7.62x51 is basically a cunt hair bigger than the 30-06 I believe and then there’s the .22 based 5.56 (or .223).


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