Get rid of Cruz, send Beto to Washington


Those who can afford it, please contribute. We have to help our folks in the red states. I contributed $50 today. We have to take the senate back.



It’s bad everywhere! I can’t run away from the hate that surrounds us.




Sorry, I’m a realist. Europe is going populist as we are, Latin America is almost always two weeks away from a dictator, Africa is in turmoil and Asia has China looming over it.

Maybe Australia? Canada? But why would they take me?


Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland


I don’t have that kind of money. Those are expensive countries, especially Switzerland.


Iceland -


If I really wanted to hop out of here I’d probably go to Thailand. I used to think the Philippines would be a good place to retire cheap on the beach but not anymore.


I know a guy that bought a house in Thailand, a compound actually. He said that cobras commonly come into your house with plumbing. He had his plumbing installed with strainer type deals to keep the cobras out.

But then you wonder about those getting clogged…


I just prefer a house without Cobras lounging around in it.


Got a message back from campaign, they blew past their $200K fundraising goal to have the grassroot funded resources to get rid of that maggot, Ted Cruz.


How anonymous does the portal to donate allow one to be? I hate getting spammed by every pol in the universe after sending someone a couple bucks. let alone being bothered by the one I donated to ever other week for life.


Not very, I don’t think. I used FB and I get other solicitations for donations, but that’s not too bad. The one I got was for fundraising againsts Nunes. I might send that guy a few bucks too.

I despise that worm too.


Beto O’Rourke Willie Approved.


Beto is very close to the Swamp Monster.


They’re in a dead heat. We can get rid of that maggot!



I hope that is in Texas?


Yes, it is.