Giants Looking for Dramatic Way to Lose in Clash of UnWinners


lead by 5 in 4th. Charger 6 as time expires?

PS: 22-20 now. Could it be a third FG as time expires? Let’s watch and see.

Manning loses ball on fumble at Giants 10 or so. Chargers in the RZ.

Chargers TD with 3 to play in regulation. Giants giving up early this week. 27-22.
4th and 10 - Manning intercepted. Who saw that coming? The defender obviously.
Game over.

PPS: Giants Suck.
plus Beckham gone for the year.


This is the dumber of the two Manning boys, right? I believe he’s the one they call Pouty Manning, iirc.


Giants meet my 49ers on 12 november. I predict a 0-0 tie.


Trust me. The Giants will lose 2 nothing on a last second safety. I think that is the only remaining way they can lose a game with originality.


OK, a 4-4 tie then.




If you really need to simper more than I do (and I do), tellya what… you can lose BOTH the coin tosses.


So, I’m streaming the Sea Cawk V. Ram game, and I notice that a lot of the different players have different colored booties, is this a new thing? Not having “Uniform” Footwear?


Why you lookin at mens’ booties anyway

Booty looker



Ha ha, Giants won, so my 49ers are more worser. Looking to meet the Cleveland Steamers in the Crappy Bowl!


Well, heck, the 49ers beat the Giants today, so the Cleveland Steamers win bragging rights to this point.


See - I was right again.