GL Niners Fans


altho, I think the Seadogs need this win more than the Niners do.



fuck football

6 trillion yawns


Started from the beginning and an hour and a half late. Just caught up.



Seahawks had 2 downs and enough time, from the fucking 2 yard line. It was theirs to lose, and they lost.


I got the feeling they were trying to set up Lynch for that one yard Beastmode Attack that some think they mighta shoulda done a couple Superbowls ago. but they dint.


SMH - staring at a pile of rocks is more interesting and a lot quieter

and fucking idiot announcers can’t have one fucking second of silence

and the background noise

and fucking get this - ya gotta pay and sit in heat or cold - with fucking strangers no less

I cud go on


I sat in my easy chair, it wasn’t like that at all for me.


Me either. Go 9ers