Go Cubs


It’s destiny I’m telling you. The Tribe doesn’t stand a chance. I pretty much knew before the season started they were going to break the curse. Their roster may be the tightest ever fielded. Some will say they bought a championship. Who cares? You could say the Yanks bought their entire storied legacy. I only wish Harry was around to see it. The few years I was a big Cubs fan was because of Harry. Met him at a bar on Rush Street in "84 and seeing we were from St. Louis invited us to stop by the broadcast booth the next day.


So does this mean they get to play in the Super Bowl?




I liked him better as a drunk Cardinal fan. Thought he was too bush league for Chicago…of course, he did replace Jack Brickhouse, worst announcer on five continents.


Will they check the fans entering the stadium for guns?:cold_sweat:


Yeah, I think he did 25 years up in the Redbirds booth and of course was known to take his relationship with Budweiser seriously. One of my first Harry memories was when the Cardinals clinched the '64 or '67 penant I think it was. He was drunkenly dancing and singing “Cardinals Win the Penant”… jumping up and down like a total fool.



“Don’t wait for it to happen. Don’t even want it to happen. Just watch what does happen.”

For God’s sake, keep the cockiness down, don’t jinx us.


Sorry, man. Just calling it like I see it. I was awarding them the WS before the season started… especially after they wrangled Heyward front STL. That was like the final piece of the puzzle. Not a fukking hole in that lineup hitting, fielding or pitching. Cleveland has a fine team and in any other year would have a shot. Look, not even Bartman can screw this up.

But yeah, as a one time Cubs fan I understand your trepidation about cockiness and jinxing, so I’ll chill.



Nice find lol


not having paid much attention, I only just realized that the Indians have the second longest drought going…


If the Indians finish second, that would leave them holding the LONGEST active drought.

That’s a title Im perfectly willing to let them enjoy.


Cleveland just got a NBA title. Fukk em.


How’s Cleveland’s football franchise doing? I still contend they shoulda named the new team the Steamers.


Hopefully, the Cavs will be on the road throughout the Series, or at least for the Indians’ home games, so we won’t have to see that smug, egotistical prima donna James in the stands.


Simply fuckin astounding that anyone could care about any of this

Wife watches football and I am like

Did I know this when I married her


“Browns” are kinda close, I guess.


This is interesting, and it seems legit.



I wonder if MLB will rig the series to keep the Cubs from winning the next 3 games. They hate those short Series. Cuts into revenues.