Go Cubs


Especially for 2 small market teams, but I read the ratings for yesterday’s game were huge.


This is reason enough to want to see the Indians get clobbered. Ignorant redneck Ohioans. Who the fukk has this as their mascot in 2016? At least the Braves did away with that goofball Chief Knock-A-Homa.

You’re typical Cleveland fan addressing a few concerned Native Americans…


When I don’t have a dog in the Hunt I tend to root for “The Underdog” That’s sort of what makes this series interesting for me, is in a sense both teams are Underdogs. Small Markets, I don’t know how their pay rolls compare to the Yankee’s et al…but they’ve both gone a long time between Championships.


The Cubs have a Yuuuuuge payroll. They are basically trying to buy a WS title. I don’t have a problem with that. It’s as American as apple pie.


Just in…from the Chicago Tribune

Cubs raise season ticket prices 19.5% for 2017.

The average price of Cubs season tickets will rise 19.5 percent, the team announced Monday, with increases ranging from 6 percent for upper deck reserved seats to 31 percent for infield club box seats.


They could have done like the Miami Marlins, raise the prices and then trade off all the good players and leave behind a shiddy team.


That would be teh awesome for the shareholders, for a quarter or so.


The offishul Cubs WS ring has this little hidden thing on the inside…