Gold Star education bill blocked by literal pieces of shit


My title says it all


Why the fuck should they approve such a give a way

I would vote against it also

now you want a fucking handout but hate socialism

ya can’t have it both ways sparky

You don’t give a fuck about others taxes going up - just yers


Take a deep breath Bromo


Thanks for agreeing, Ape

It was earned, ya idjit.


Boro chose not to read any details.


Boro bitches about taxes then wants taxes raised for his causes - WTF? srsly


Read snopes, the bill wasn’t rejected, it was put on a back burner till such time the assembly could figure out how to pay for it.


Boro chose not to read any details.<

It was interesting how his own cite shot down his faux outrage. Almost like he didn’t read his own source.


The libertarian who wants free fucking ed - did I enter the TWILIGHT ZONE




How the fuck is it earned?

Where the fuck does it say free ed when you sign up?


Oh so their S/O or parent dying has nothing to do with it?
Do you suck eggs, too?


Why the fuck should I pay extra - I don’t give a fuck if some lifer gets fucking wacked - I don’t feel a fucking thing - the banks and mining and oil companies appreciate yer service tho


If you assholes would see the light and stop joining they would have to stop trying to take over the world and maybe spend that money on really whats needed


Or you know, make a draft.

Seems you’re clueless, even with experience.