Got a new desktop


So the India Dell guys dicked and dicked with my computer remotely, first they did all the shit I had already done… and then poked around like I already had for 2 hours… Then they tell me “you have an outdated operating system” and I’m like huh, well why did you ship me an outdated machine?? Then they tried reinstalling the whole operating system, refreshing the system from scratch, which meant I had to reinstall everything all over again, then after a couple days of that shit they told me they were going to send me a new computer.

I received an email I think on Monday that one was being shipped but no tracking # or anything. So I get home from Eureka yesterday and there’s my new computer sitting outside our apartment door… I didn’t dick with it until this morning and I get it out of the box and there’s no return sticker etc. to send the old one back…

The other computer seems pretty much ok, I got the internet speed up on it to a suitable range… this one is a little faster on the speed test though definitely…


Good, send me the old one