Got into our apartment


been going all day, got an air mattress and some basic stuff to shower and make some potatoes and eggs in the morning.


Nice looking place. :slight_smile:


Thanks, it will be better once we get some furniture.


Yesterday I walked over to Target and got a trash can full of stuff and carted it back, it wasn’t real far but it was a heavy trash can. Whole Foods, Trader Joes and Target are just like up the road and across the freeway… so I just have to deal with some on and off ramp traffic and I’m there, not as crazy as the 101 ramp traffic in Rohnert Park though…

But yeah I’m really happy there’s a whole foods nearby and trader joes etc… I plan on walking over there every couple days and getting fresh produce and grocerages.

Then I walked about a half hour across town to the Comcast store yesterday so I could get the modem/router to hook up the internets…

And while walking to the comcast store I realized… the only other white people walking are homeless people… .and I probably sort of looked like one hahaha… the only people that walk here are homeless people and immigrant workers and even most of them don’t walk.


Nice place!


No one walks in CA. It’s not a good thing necessarily.


Everyone walks here in Nice, it’s very walkable (and the buses are awesome unlike in San Jose). Being in a walking city is great, but you need decent public transport to support that if the city is large.


It’s the same in IL… not a good thing nobody walks or walking isn’t a good thing? :slight_smile:

I’ll probably be walking around for awhile, no car and I like the exercise anyways… I don’t really care if people in their cars think I’m homeless lol.


Not good that we don’t walk. Most people are live and let live and won’t care how you dress or that you walk everywhere.


Nobody in IL walks either, of course most of it is so spread out that it’s really not that feasible.

But I got stuff nearby now… I can walk to the store. If stuff is close, I’d rather walk.


I walked over to Whole Foods and got an amazing salad from their salad bar for dinner for $4. I will probably be doing that a lot… I’m probably going to walk over tomorrow if it’s not raining and get Turkey Day dinner… if any banned trolls want to fight meet me in the parking lot at the Whole Foods in Napa… pussies… :stuck_out_tongue:



Questioning my grammar is racist.


Oooooooh - you got nerve


Vegetables grow in poop… your own article says it’s mostly hyperbole… If you’re eating you’re probably eating some poop whether it’s at your place or Whole Foods salad bar.


I always pre-wash my lettuce and vegetables in my dish washer.


I haven’t lived this bare necessity since I played music, hopefully she has pots, pans, utensils, silverware etc. A an office chair and a couch would be nice too but I doubt if they fit in her car…


Check out craig’s list. You can often find good stuff people are just giving away.


I just emailed someone about a chair.


if it doesn’t have bedbugs I’ll take it… I like it even…


Not a lot on the free end of things but lots of nice used stuff for sale… which leads to the next issue, no truck…