Green party POS sucking votes from Ohio Dem



I’m so sick of those shits.


I voted totally Independant and Libertarian this election cycle.

The big two see to nothing but nonsense and the destruction of the States.


Manchik had NO chance and took votes from the Dem that could have used them to defeat the CON.

God damn, they don’t learn.


The same two will run in the fall - not over


Will the green party be out?


I dunno - I don’t even know how they both run again - but if you read the bottom of the link it sez loser gets to run again in fall


It may be a top-two election, like they do in CA. Top two vote getters are in the Nov election, even if they are from the same party. GOPers howl if it’s two dems as if it’s not democracy when their guy couldn’t even beat a split vote.


I think it was to take the place of the guy that quit

then Nov


One weeps.


Because the winner of Tuesday’s election will serve out the rest of retiring GOP Rep. Pat Tiberi’s term, the elected candidate will have to defend his seat in November.


Here’s the Green Party standard-bearer at dinner


She’s a Russian plant, just like Assange. They are no friend to the American people.


L_B was a fan I think




I think Sanders is a plant as well.


WA voted all Democrat. As we are spiraling into debt but raising taxes and falling even further into debt… when will these people realize that these problems exists because they keep putting shitty politicians in charge?

I hate it when people vote on party lines.



And you bitch because YOUR libertarians don’t get elected, isn’t that a party line approach?


Sure, you could say that. Granted I did do the obvious research and no one stood out to me that I wanted to vote for in the Democrat realm.

Specifically cause they’re mostly all reelect and they suck at jobs now.


So what you’re saying is party line sucks because it’s not YOUR party.