Gunman shoots congressman - hopefully he dies - he's a douche


Lee never made them shots - fact

Impossible at his level - not in a million years and a million trys


Gabby Giffords…


Yahoo republicans are calling for a civil war, as soon as they get done watching the next season of duck dynasty.


Evidently that guy was a pro assassin.


I’ve been seeing Republicans absolutely shitting themselves over this one. I actually wonder if they are getting their jollies off the fact that a Bernie loving lefty did it. You’d think the guy was Muslim ffs.


The Repugs on the Hill are shitting themselves all right. I really don’t think they understood that EVERYFUKKINBODY has guns, not just the Duck Dynasty red staters.

I LMAO at Paul Ryan today talking about his “colleagues.” There’s a word he hasn’t used in a while.


Clearly he’s a lone wolf bad apple one-off crazy person, who can’t be used to smear the whole. I mean, how many Bernie-ites do you see doing this vs Trump-alt-righters or brownskin radicals?


I’m not quite taking that view, Wabbit. I think he’s the tip of a good sized iceberg.


I honestly don’t know, but speaking from experience growing up with a parent who was a public figure, death threats and attempts are not nearly as uncommon as people seem to think they are.


Hey @Bigdukesix…latest from the hospital has Scalise in “critical” condition.

From a hip wound?

Guess they plan to milk this for a while.


I heard both of those too. Things that make you go hmm.


Are we sure that guy wasn’t a crisis actor hired to save the drowning RepubliCON party?


No, Scalise really is a swamp rat from Louisiana.

If you mean the dude from Belleville, he appears to have been for real. His congressman says he’s never met him F2F but has had maybe ten calls from him over the past year, an angry but not threatening voter.

Not sure I believe the congressman since he hasn’t been answering his phone for the last few months. But the cops in Belleville say he’s got a DV record and has been active in demonstrations and stuff for a couple of years. More will be revealed, I guess.


Actually, I was riffing on the CON nutjobs who talk about crisis actors all the time.


This is one of the more popular crises thespians.


I hope he has trump care and are not bullet wounds preexisting conditions - I would think so


Shooter must have hit an artery or part of the colon, or some shitte.


Redundancy alert


The guy was obviously a terrible shot, but Jesus, how the hell was he able to get off so many rounds and fire for so long considering there were 2 cops already on the scene and he was shielded by nothing but a chain link fence?


Probably the cops had only pistols and he was too far away.