Happy Father's Gentelmen


I hope you were kind and wise. I hope you treated your daughters with love and respect. I hope you were someone your sons could look up to. Mostly, I hoped your fathers loved you and that you are loved.

I was denied a loving father. The universe gave me Spoon who showed me how a father should be. He has been and still is the most outstanding father to our children. I celebrate Father’s Day because of him


Ditto to all the dads here. Happy dad’s day. I hope you all get many hugs and kisses (virtual and otherwise) from your offspring.


Thank you ladies.:slight_smile:


My FIL is having a less than happy father’s day


What does that mean?


It means fucking autocorrect. Fixed


Sorry. Hadn’t seen your other post. Condolences to your FIL as well.


I hope that you were able to forgive him. It’s good for the child when they can learn to forgive.


I wanted to confront and process stuff with him. He died in 1991 before I could do that. No I do not forgive him and never will.


I hope you can, for your sake, not his. There is a saying that (to paraphrase) to not forgive is like to drink poison and hope the other person dies of it. If this doesn’t ring for you, then never mind and I had no intent to offend.