Hasson - domestic terrorist


Is there a thread about this POS?


Nah, not yet. That’s the Coastie that wanted to kill everyone, right?




It’s almost mind numbing.


But everyone is going to flog the Smollett horse into glue. Charge Smollet and move on. Hasson wanted to kill people.

That dude in Denver wrapped a sweater around his baby mama’s head under false pretenses before basing her head in.

We have bigger issues than Smollet.

I haven’t even mentioned cheetoh yet…


Exactly, Yup Trump has been calling out Smollett, but as far as I know so far Trump has been silent on Hasson.


Only two letters from Hasan,


I am so glad you are not a racist.


I aswell. :slight_smile:


What’s wrong with killing everyone

I would only do it if appointed head of the world

well, most everyone -