He pardoned those ranchers that took over the national park building


At least the fbi kilt one of them

he sed they are fine upstanding citizens

I cannot post the link without getting ill


This administration and organizations like the NRA, the Federalist Society, CPAC are all about rebuilding a White Supremacist society.

They use poor white uneducated dupes for their votes.

This is unfuckingbelievable, actually not really it’s not unbelievable.


Yup, just burn shit you no longer agree with and if you’re an alt-right wackaloon, you just wait for your pardon in TrumpWorld®


No the The Hammond’s are not the Bundy’s, the Bundy’s came up from “Mormonland” Nevada in response to the court’s fuck up with the Hammond’s. The Hammond’s were found guilty of arson on Federal Land and given a slap on the wrist sentence, less than the sentencing guidelines required, so after they were released from Prison, the DA appealed the original sentence and release, so they got thrown back in Prison…

TBH, I think they have probably served enough time, however imho a commutation of sentence would have been much more appropriate.

We have rapists doing less time than the Hammond’s got for burning up some Federal scrub brush.


This ain’t so much to serve pablum to the tBase as it is to trigger progtards.


Fucking 300 hundred years wud not be enuf time - get back in yer tent


I am not a fan of the Hammond’s but really all they did was try to burn some brush they’d cleared off the federal land adjoining their property, it was wrong but there was no massive conflagration no homes or lives lost, hardly the crime of the century.