Head tax gone



Arm the poor.


Fuck Seattle and everything those libs stand for.


When you graduate NCO school, you should form a death squad in your unit and start doing something about those homeless loosers.


Don’t you live near there?


He may flunk rock painting - it ain’t over yet


North, luckily.


I could be mistaken but I believe I’ve seen him complaining about how he can’t afford to live in Seattle in the past…


Another good idea would be to put a wall around these areas so that business can’t flee.:grin:


You conservatives sure love walls, maybe as much as the communists did in Europe.

How did that work out?


Cons love misery in others - they get off on it with no lube or porn


5:30 am in California?:sleeping:


Yep, gotta get up soon. Woke up early today.


Just the opposite. Cons hate seeing policies enacted that they know will result in misery for others.

You should research the meaning of ‘cause and effect.’:slightly_smiling_face:


Those moments just before getting up are the sweetest of the day.


Hmmm, maybe. I like coming home at the end of the day.


Like fixing rivers on fire - they were against that - job loss and sich