Help me out here


MrsLion’s car is dead. I would think it’s a dead battery, but:

Turn the key, the dash lights up.

Cannot shift the trans into neutral (=can’t back the car out of the garage to jump it)

Turn the key off and the instrumentation flickers like ventricular tachycardia, weak and fluttery.

Any thoughts?

Ford Fiesta, not the first problem we’ve had with electrics/electronics.


You could get a car charger at yer Harbor Freight


Go get a new battery if this one is old enough.


And the spastic dash light flickering?


Could it be an electrical problem maybe?

Where’s BD6?


Could be due to low voltage. Almost sounds like more than one issue, let me axe you a qwestiun, you said you can’t put it in neutral, so is it an automatic? Even a Ford Fiesta should have and “Shift Lock Mechanism Override” button, usually hidden under a removable piece of plastic matching yer dash or console, normally you need a long thin screw driver to hit the release switch on those, but bump starting most automatics is near impossible. How old of a Fiesta is this, is this one of the older original Fiestas that were built by Kia?


Sounds like a battery

clean the terminals and fetch a real charger with starting capability -

they don’t cost much now and you will have it - shud not be more then 30 bucks

clean terminals first - they get corroded

cud be alternator that caused it

fetch a 5 buck voltmeter of ebay the goes in cig lighter and check it now and then with engine running - shud be 13+ volts anywho

I got broke down twice not knowing the alt was going - never again -


dammit 6 I forgot all about that easy check up, I am not sure my alt. is fully charging, normal conditions I am fine, but If I say leave the lights on with the engine off for a couple minutes, I’m dead…I should just order an alt. but I wouldn’t mind confirming the diagnosis.


Automatic. Tried the override, it wasn’t where the manual said it was. (F O R D). 2011. Made in Mexico.


not sure if a 12 is equal to an 11, but maybe this will help


Here’s a yt search on starting issues on 11 Fiestas't+start

Gotta love the University of Youtube.


Loose battery cables?


I’m with Ape. Multiple issues probably although it’s possible yer low voltage could be insufficient to operate the shift interlock relay.

Clean the terminals, charge the battery and see what ya got then. If ya have a spare car, just pull the battery first thing and transport it to yer AutoZone or other parts store and have them test it. Could be a dead cell thing and a new battery would get you on the road again.

If the battery tests okay and you reinstall it with clean terminals and you’re still having issues, call the hooks and drag it to a good shop where it’ll take some time to sort out. Dealer usually ain’t a candidate for “good shop” of course.


If it starts check alternator with a meter

ya can get a rebuilt alt fer 90 bucks and save a ton


We’re probably all on pins and needles waiting for the denouement, or at least an update.


It wasn’t the battery. It wasn’t the starter. They found nothing with their diagnostics.

This afternoon we bought a Forester. Monday I’m calling the American Lung Society to drag it away.


Did they look at the Johnson Rods?


Nothing wrong with either them nor the thrust shafts.