Here's our latest sexual predator


Oh - have you been excused for your daily visit?


IMO, if that happens, the fault lies squarely on the shoulders of men. The men who perpetrated the abuse, and the men who stood silently by while their brethren carried on however the fuck they felt like carrying on. Men were the ones who alone had the clout to stop it for decades, and they did nothing. Fuck 'em.

I will never forget the 10 to 20 men who stood in absolute silence while I was assaulted in their full view. I know there are many thousands, tens of thousands, probably hundreds of thousands, even millions, of similar and much worse stories. Fuck abusers everywhere, and fuck all of those who stood silently by.


Lotus - you are angry at all men, that is clear. No one should assault you, and no one should witness without intervening. I know plenty of men who would strike a blow against an aggressor and support a woman in a complaint. That isn’t what I was talking about, and I’m sure you know it.


I am not angry at all men. You are so wrong. Don’t make accusations like that when you have no actual knowledge of who I am. I really like men, and enjoy their company, their maleness.

But this predatory bullshit, and the attendant dismissal of women’s worth outside their sexuality – I am so fucking glad to see this incredible wave of open accusations and men who are clearly guilty falling like dominoes. It warms my heart.


Me too. Let’s hope it does not infect and cripple healthy interactions and relationships.


It will cripple interactions because there’s a lot of men who don’t take the hint.