Hey let's go down to the Motion Picture Show!


The evolution of the movie business in my home town. The early days.


When I was a yungun

Saturday Matinee

Cowboy movie maybe even 2 - a whole bunch of cartoons, newsreel, 3 stooges

7 cents

every kid in town was there every sat


Now movies are $13 buck locally for an evening show.


Dang, when I was a kid a pack of tickets was $5, one for each Saturday all summer, so 50c each. Cartoons, stooges, and a feature, once it was Snow White and the Three Stooges! I remember that one because I barfed grape snowcone in the bushes right after we got out of the theater.


I get a $5 matinee ticket on Wed for first run movies. Beat that!


In my town, an adult matinee ticket still runs $5 for first-run movies. This summer we’ve seen Avengers, Christopher Robin, Ant Man, MI, mamma Mia 2, and others.

By the way, evening tix go all the way up to $6.


Yeah, but I get to act all compassionate. Top that.:grin: