Hey, Six! Beware!


Do you eat packaged salads, @Bigdukesix

Fresh Food Manufacturing Co., based in Freedom, Pennsylvania, is recalling the prepackaged products after learning last week from their romaine lettuce supplier that the vegetables may have been contaminated with Escherichia coli, the U.S. Department of Agriculture said Saturday. Officials said the recalled products have not been tied to any E. coli-related illnesses.

The recalled items, which were labeled “Great to Go by Market District,” were shipped to retailers in Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia and had sell-by dates of April 13 to April 16.


Sometimes bagged salad may contain unintended and unrelated life forms.





Saw that a few days ago along with the 200 million egg recall

eggs here went from 97 cents to 2.50

eggs was east of the Mississippi

thanks again


How’s your weather? I am going to be water logged pretty soon.


Non fucking stop

good thing i know a little about submarines

gona start building one or a fucking Ark