Hey Tower Records Dude, You've been a big hit and a Long Player, but you're a broken record now, Ciao




Russell Solomon (1925-2018…that’s a long ass run.

Here’s a record store dude who never got enough credit.

No mention of it in his bio, but Art was the go-to guy at Rose Records in the Chicago Loop all during the seventies and up til sometime in the late eighties when Tower acquired Rose. He was like the godfather of the place, a walking Discogs and a walking records catalog.


There was a Tower Records here in south San Jose, local boys Metallica put on an impromptu concert one afternoon, à la rooftop Beatles, Johnny Law (no relation to Shakira) was less than enthused. Anyhow now it’s a BevMo.


Behold the power and mystery of the internets…


I found out about it a couple hours later, dagnabbit.


i entered, ‘metallica tower records’


This was about the 9th link


was that before they sued their fans for downloading their shitty albums? :stuck_out_tongue: